We Just Love to Throw Money Away!

Said everyone who heard we were renting an apartment after we got married.  Okay, maybe not EVERYONE, but we sure heard it a lot.  “Why aren’t you buying a house? If you buy a house, you’ll have more space!  If you buy a house, you won’t have to waste money on rent!  Buying a house is so much better, because everything is yours!” Not to be argumentative, everyone in the world, but we disagree with all those things being better for us.  Here’s why.

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Book Review – The Total Money Makeover

This is it.  The book that kick-started our journey out of debt, and that gave us a framework for how we plan to manage our money for the rest of our lives.  I suppose that tells you how I felt about The Total Money Makeover, but what about the book itself, and the author, Dave Ramsey?  If you’re not familiar with Ramsey or his Baby Steps, this book is the launching point into his deep world of books, podcasts, seminars, classes, and worksheets.  Read More »


This Is Our Budget. There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Ours.

Now that we’re a few days in to 2017, you’ve had some time to go join a gym you’ll quit in February and write up a grocery list full of veggies and soy milk that’ll have “hamburger” scribbled in before you get to the parking lot.  Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen every year, and I can’t remember a time I actually stuck to any of mine through December.  One thing that I think keeps us from following through on our well-intentioned goals is the lack of a support network and education.  Doing something new on your own is an extremely daunting prospect, and it’s compounded even more if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Never worked out in a gym before?  Good luck figuring out how to use that leg machine — or is that an arm machine? — that kind of looks like a dentist’s chair.  Got through college on pizza and ramen?  Those 73 other aisles in the grocery store might as well be the unexplored Amazon.  Sure, you can YouTube just about anything now, but if you don’t know what you don’t know, even that doesn’t help much.  I can’t help you with the hashtag-worthy gains (or losses) at the gym, or how to go from frozen pizzas to four-course dinners for 8 in the kitchen, but if managing your money better is the promise you made for this year, I can show you what R and I do with a budget.Read More »

Update #5 – December 2016

My new goal in life is to be a hospital.  Apparently, they make so much money, they don’t even need to bill people to stay afloat.  That’s right, we still have not heard a peep from them about our visit in October.  I did call to see if maybe something had gotten lost in the mail, since I’d like to keep my streak of never having to talk to a collections agency alive.  Their response? “No, we just haven’t gotten around to sending anything out yet.”  The good news is that we’ve had so much time to prepare for this bill that we’ve got it covered, and have started replenishing our starter emergency fund of $1,000.  I would have rather had it out of the way before 2017 started just to make things easier, but at least it won’t be stealing our focus anymore.  I wrote a post about what we’ve learned this year and how we plan to adjust for 2017, so if you haven’t yet, go and check that out.  It’s amazing what a difference going all in on something can make, rather than just kinda sorta having an idea of where to go!

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2016: Our Year-View Mirror

Oh, 2016.  You were a whirlwind.  You killed off half of Hollywood.  You gave us a presidential election that couldn’t have been dreamed up by the producers of whatever that Kardashian show is called.  2016 was a year where the unexpected happened, sometimes in a big way, at some point for virtually everyone.  What a great comfort, then, that God is in control, right?Read More »